Restoration Wednesday

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Last night I finally adjusted the headlight and driving beams so they don’t look like someone’s lazy eye shooting off into space. It was not as straight forward as you might imagine. We, my friend Keith and I, adjusted one screw past the point of any lens movement – too tight – which prompted removal of the headlight bucket to see what gives.

If you recall, these buckets are restored from a ’66 and house my Cibié concave headlights that came with the car. They fit but they aren’t designed to fit. The screw mounts from the product correct ’71 buckets impede adjustment when you back out the screws and allow the headlight to sink deeper and properly into the cone space. After several removals, adjustments and shining on Keith’s VW camper we were successful in getting them pretty close. The driving lights were no problem to rain down.

On the way home, I managed to piss off people in front of me, confuse deer enough to stay three feet off the dirt road (thank you) and wake up small children who thought it was morning. The combination of high beams with driving lights makes me want to rally at night just to see how good sight is at 100 mph. Of course, not before I rebuild the carburetors which I’m now convinced are full of crap. The idle air jets on cylinders three and six never plug up but the others do leading me to believe the float bowls are contaminated. The Weber carbs were “new” with car on front seat but that’s not to say they were clean or maybe not slightly used.

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