Restoration Wednesday

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Stickers came out of storage today.  I can’t believe how much I love driving this car.  Lots of punch and growel with the V8 torque, handles nicely and feels like a modern car despite being 36 years old.  Heck, the 928 was only 14 years behind the 911’s ’63 debut when it took the stand at the Geneva Show in 1977.  Yet when thinking about it it feels, and maybe looks and sounds, like it should be only half the age of the 50 year old icon.  All that talk about it being the 911’s replacement began over 40 years ago.

To quote the book Porsche 928 by Brian Long: “Most of the signature 928 design features were in place by early 1973…”  “By mid-1973, the rumor mill was in full swing.  A V8 configuration was as good as confirmed… within two years, most articles were citing a five-liter unit.  Then, by the end of 1975, leaked details were virtually spot-on, as were some of the design sketches…”

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