Restoration Wednesday

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This week I spent more time cleaning the garage then actually restoring anything, save some parts cleaned and sold at no reserve on eBay.  The 911T is now ready for a winter nap with a vacuumed floor and less junk in front of it.  Should have done this months ago.  The wheels stacked up are a set of ’91 964 rims with Michelin Pilot tires showing 50% tread that I bought, well, because I could.

The one accomplishment, a compression test on the 944S, yielded less than stellar results.  Check out the numbers on the card.  Sure one of the cylinders could have a bad valve, or maybe the ring let go but my contention is: how much money is it going to take to revive a bad engine with chipmunk chowed wiring?  $3K, $4K, $5K?  Mind you, I have no idea how the clutch is, still need to tackle brakes, a new exhaust, new tires and the typical water pump, timing belt, rollers, etc.  That top picture is of the fuel line that sprayed pump juice  before shut down and a pulled fuse.  The plus side?  The fuel pump works.

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