Restoration Wednesday, 1987 Porsche 944S

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This has been lawn art for over a year and I’m finally putting it to good use. I’m trading it to my mechanic Stephen for future work. He needs a clean chassis to swap over his current 944 NA mechanicals. His chassis was bumped in the rear quarter long ago, has a repaired, ripped out sway bar mount and, last but certainly not least, he hates the color. Gold he calls it. Most of us would say silver with maybe a slight gold hue. He calls it gold.

So with this trade I bring the 944 to his shop and return with my 928 S4. That’s the plan anyway. I’m still waiting for the go ahead this morning after an hour in the freezing cold loading. It is deceptively cold this morning. I had leather gloves on to protect my hands but they did nothing to shield the frigid from my fingers. After five minutes inside, I still had to massage my hand under warm water to return life to my finger tips. Sweet, sweet winter in Michigan.

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  1. Paul

    Seems a shame to let this one go, lovely looking car but looking into the future with more projects lining up I’d do the same. Good luck from the UK

  2. Groosh

    Well, I’m not letting it go as much as giving it new life. The engine is blown, the exhaust rotten, brakes are bad, tires shot, and some of the wiring/fuel lines have been rodent lunch for years. The expense it would take me to bring it back would exceed the cost of a clean one with great history, ready to rock. About $5,000.

    Conversely, Stephen will take the good body and chassis to build up a track car. Switching everything over himself. I get future timing belt work on a 928 in return.

    Nice to hear from you Paul. Happy Holidays!

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