Restoration Wednesday, New Home for Mice Skulls

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These pictures are awful and I know it. But shooting with the cell phone camera is hardly an art form although some of you have probably turned it into one. I, on the other hand, fumble, stretch and contort to get into my pocket to pull out said cell phone while attempting not to get grease and dirt all over it, to take pictures at night with poor lighting in a garage or in a parking lot. Yes, I took the car out last Friday night to the store and snapped the above picture. Reminding myself why the winters blow in Michigan but happy I got a lucky reprieve from salt and snow to get one last drive in before hibernation. It ran sweet.

The interior has been getting the obligatory tear down. Everything gets cleaned. The mice skulls get thrown out, two of them so old and deteriorated that only the skulls and some random fur remained, and items get fixed and replaced as needed. I like my cars to be free of former owner dirt before I drive and enjoy them. A good cleaning does that but has unintended consequences that are apparently a high five or a curse or both.

One, it gets me familiar with every nuance of the car. I trace down wiring, broken trim, missing screws and hatch releases that don’t work. Then I go online to find solutions to the problems that get me deeper into working knowledge and relationship with the car. At the same time cleaning makes sure I love the car on the inside like I do from the outside. It’s easy to look at a car and love the styling and want it. It’s another to get down and dirty with it so you appreciate it. A falling off the deep end of appreciation that started 25 plus years ago when I saw this supercar. And once I truly appreciate the car plus having done all this work, I never want to sell them. I swear if I flipped these cars like I sometimes intend on doing, I’d be rolling with the homies in extra cash… to buy something… something new to work on… something like another old Porsche. Damn you Porsche high five curse!

Oh, and I got the replacement headlight installed. Thanks Rick.

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