Restoration Wednesday, Talk to the Horn

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If it seems I stopped working on cars during the exact time I’m supposed to be working on cars in Michigan, it’s not entirely true just mostly. I’ve been on hold as you may remember waiting for rebuilt brake calipers for the 928s. I should be getting some back this week and can get Stickers up and running for Lingenfelter’s Cars and Coffee this Saturday. Meanwhile, the ethanol gas has all but ruined my driving the 911. That thing snorts, pops and scuffs down the block not one minute after cleaning out the idle air jets bringing it down to running on four cylinders at times. Those jets are the top row right below the top plate. I unscrew, blow out the spider web black residue from the ethanol and put back together. It takes only five to ten minutes then it gums up and kills the car again.

Leaded race gas and Gumout gas treatment rid me of the problem last year and is doing the same now, except for cylinder six which has the last bit of goo to clean out. You may be asking yourself, what about the ethanol eating away the fuel lines? Nope, all new lines Made in Germany stamped for all fuel types including bio. What about the gas tank then Groosh? Didn’t you have that “renu’d“? I tell you the same thing, the tank is safe for all fuel types, guaranteed for life. It really is the old ethanol that needs to work itself through which was confirmed by my friend Keith who has the same problem. He even used the STA-BIL for ethanol fuel in his tank over the winter. Bottom line. Ethanol is just crap fuel for old cars.

So with that, I turned my attention to some other items that needed a refresher course. Fixed the OEL gauge which was pegged at the top. Seems a wire came loose there. Put on new horns from a 914. The old air horns, which were made in France and not original to the car, were not working properly. Also added a new K&N filter to the oil breather to tidy up the engine bay. Looks pretty good huh? Of course got on the road this morning and the horns didn’t work. Yes, they fully worked yesterday. I’m having a grounding issue through the steering wheel. So I’ll have to pull that so I can startle small cows or make you wish you never cut me off.

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