Restoration Wednesday

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• Valves adjusted, thanks Roy.  Roy was in town and helped that day
• Grey powder coated top valve covers back in place, my custom touch
• New Weber carburetors installed, thanks Keith for gaskets
• Some throttle linkage pieces in place with fresh grease
• Fan belt new
• Marelli cap, rotor, primary and secondary spring, points on distributor all new
• Spark plug wires 100% copper no silicon and Bosch spark plugs
• Authentic 1971 Michigan plate in place
• Fresh Castrol 20W50 oil with Bosch filter or was it Mahle
• Swepco 201 gear oil, sweet sweet Swepco gear oil 

Swepco is thick as molasses.  I bought a pump, like a hand lotion pump for a plastic bottle, “designed” for this type of fill application.  The top was too small to screw on the Swepco jug so I had to angle it on the side lip while pumping to prevent it from going inside the jug.  After 30 minutes under a car 13 inches off the ground, the aquarium fill hose popped loose for the 2nd time.  The hose also came out of the transaxle hole… let’s see… four times?  Five?  Ever smelled Swepco?  Ever tried to get it off your hands?  How about wiping it off the clutch cable, garage floor, jug, gloves or tools?  

It was 10:30PM Friday night when I started this process.  What’s pumping a little oil in the tranny before bed?  I’ll tell you what.  After the 73rd impatient contortionist push on that spring loaded piece of premature ejaculation, I jammed it right into the Swepco jug.  Now I had to fish out pump pieces with a long screwdriver and pliers.  Finally, finished up about midnight after throwing all gear oiled items including the pump into a Ziploc bag then the trash.  Swepco Newman.           

On a different note the clutch came free.  Yay.  Still replacing brake lines and putting in a different fuel pump before firing up and dialing in.  Should be today or tomorrow.  Then I’ll power wash the engine.  I’ve been cleaning as I go but no sense in preparing it for the next meal.  Tended and tidy is the look of the day until a rebuild and reseal.    


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