Restoration Wednesday

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Filing down bumps from over cranked alternator bolts.

File snapped which actually made the work much easier.

’81 SC fender with ’71 headlight.  Soon to be wall art.

When we last left Groosh in his Garage, there were elements of the alternator put-together that left him distraught.  

The replacement powder coated fan shroud still rang out proud, especially at idle when the engine wasn’t loud.  

The fan was not balanced on the shaft and nicked, the side of the shroud where it left a chip.

Disassembly was in order but not for the reasons explained.  The batteries were dead from a short and two days of drain.

Tear down the work that was once thought completed, to find the positive wiring grounding out.  Down but not defeated. 

The insulated casing on the wiring was shot, the burn mark from the short clearly marked the spot.

Put it back together but don’t forget the clanging noise, get out your file, reset the pieces with more poise. 

The engine now purrs with correct sound as intended, too bad the clutch cable broke leaving drive time suspended.

Um yeah, so I went out Saturday morning to a Cars and Coffee at Zingerman’s Roadhouse and everything was peachy.  Later that afternoon after putting the interior together and cleaning things up, I lost the ability to shift.  I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the zip tie holding on the clutch cable at the transmission.  

Meanwhile I finally unloaded some parts from the truck, including 1981 SC fenders, hood, doors and decklid.  Anything that comes inside to my shop gets a thorough cleaning first and the fenders were no exception.  They have been scrub brushed inside and out, then given a quick polish and finally adorned with a headlight from the ’71 car.  These will somehow end up on the wall or ceiling.

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    I love the idea of a fender on the wall… I’ve seen the traditional whale tail but the fender would be real cool, that’s the best part of the car… Mike (Yes, I do look at your posts…happily)

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