"Porsche Sound History" LP 1982 Very Limited Edition Album – $200 (Bloomfield Township)

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“Limited-edition vinyl LP, created and sold only through Porsche dealerships in 1982.

Features the sounds of Porsche engines from “the very first Porsche care to the latest model (1982), from the sports car on the road to the thoroughbred racing car – all these unique machines are represented in this record. In addition, we give the technical specifications, and you will also hear the voices of the founder, Professor Ferdinand Porsche, as well as today’s head of the family, Dr. Ferry Porsche.”

Album includes a four-page black-and-white illustrated booklet, featuring dozens of pictures of Porsches.

Record is in excellent condition. One small tear on back of album cover, does not impair any images. (My album cover is in better shape than the pic.)”

First, I’d have to have a record player.  Second, would be the disposable $200 dollars.  Third, a desire to hear back to back comparisons of Porsche cars from different eras as they snap, crackle and purr around my head mixed in with more voices of the Professor and Dr. Ferry Porsche.  Ok, I’ve got number three covered.

On Detroit Craigslist.

  1. Walker

    I have something like 250 copies of this LP, all NOS. interested?

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