Porsche Polar Bear Run, My 2nd Annual

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It’s a little unfair for me to keep calling it the “Porsche” Polar Bear Run because the first thing Sebastian, the organizer, has us do is sign an insurance waiver for this now sanctioned Porsche Club of America, Rally Sport Region event. Originally seeded as a convertibles only run by a few Porsche club friends late into the season, the Polar Bear Run has blossomed into a fall color tour for anybody that shows up, top down or windows shut.

Once again I took stickers windows down, plugged in the iPod with headphones and sashayed down the back roads of Dexter, Pinckney and Chelsea. It was spirited yet respectful driving that slowed for pedestrians, small towns and the more than once occasional driver that pulled out in between our headlight strung performance train. Can’t you see we’re driving here?! All in all about 40 cars that shared a meal at the Common Grill in Chelsea at the end of an hour, 20 minutes through the twisties, corn and cows.

A quick shout out to Stewart who was kind enough to come over to say hello before we were distracted by Sebastian to sign the waiver. Thanks for reading! And of course thank you to Sebastian for putting this together year after year. Cheers.

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