Porsche 914 944 924 911 Used Part Lot

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AutoAtlanta is moving and has put a warehouse up for sale for $17,050 on eBay.  The $50 bucks is their negotiating room.  Kidding.  I have no idea why someone would add $50 on $17K but, ok.

The problem I’m having with the entire sale is that one: I can’t get the parts and have no where to put them if I could.  But two: if they don’t see the value in moving these parts, they must not be selling.  So to buy them is to end up with a hole bunch of crap metal, sorry scrap metal, until they are worth something 10, 15, 25 years down the line.  Makes me feel really good about the three 914 hoods and four targa tops I have sitting in my basement.  Anybody need a top or a hood?

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