Paul Walker Dies in a Porsche

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Sorry for Paul’s loss and to his family but you can keep it.  After reading about James Dean’s 550 Spyder and the accidents that followed the remains of that car around, I recant my desire to own a piece of wrecked history as a future investment.  There is still a reward of $1M for the body of the Porsche 550 while engine and tranny are in known locations. 

Side note:  I tried to watch the 1st or 2nd Fast n’ Furious over the summer since I’m a car guy and should love all car movies.  Yeah… I ended up turning it off.  Now they’re moving forward with number 7?  Who knew.

  1. Mike G.

    Yeah, I’ve been reading some of the articles on this…the car was just dust after the fire… that’s the one drawback to Carbon Fiber, it melts when set on fire after hitting a tree and a rate of speed faster than 45mph. They must have been flying to create such a wreck – especially with his buddy, the race car driver, at the wheel.

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