Parmley Jeep 1970s Very Rare vintage

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Interesting. The owner is taking offers over $3,700 and looks to live in Canton, Ohio but this was posted on Detroit Craigslist. He must be looking to cast a wider net for sales.

I can’t say I love it. Looks about as good as all the other fiberglass kit cars built on VW chassis. Close but not quite.


“It is a Parmley Fiberglass Body Kit Ad from 1970s.

I talked to Mr. Parmleys daughter. She has one. She said that they made around 30 of them.

Having one with a top is rare. There was only a few and this mite be the only one left.

This link shows some of the story.

Built in Californian .

There is no tag or title. One may be available or may come with notarized bill of sale.

It has 69 date coded tail lights and the body is on a 69 CJ5 jeep 4×4 chassis.

The engine is a 225 buick dauntless V6 with holley 4 barrel carb on offenhauser intake.

The engine does run but I have not driven it because there is no fluid in the brake system at all.{not rusty..just dry.

Needs restored

It has been sitting in a pole barn for 35 years.

The fiberglass body is very well built.

It has a very short wheel base.

It does have a roll bar and back seat in it.

It has old bias 15 by 8 bias L60 tires that hold air.

The windshield is cracked Was told that it is early dodge dart.

Now I no that I should Ebay this and I still mite do that.

I am taking OFFERS just to see what kind of interest there is in it locally.

I will post offers as I get them. Rite now I have an offer of 3700.00″

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