One owner, 1983 944 with 4,808 original miles

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“This is a very special Porsche 944!

The car was special ordered from the Factory with numerous options including Sienna Red metallic exterior paint, on July 14 1982.

Other options include:
018 – Sport steering wheel with a raised hub
288 – Headlight washer
418 – Protective side mouldings
455 – Wheel locks (removed from each wheel and saved with all keys)
533 – Alarm system
567 – Windshield with graduated green tint

Over the years it has been stored very well, carefully cared for by it’s owner. and only driven on special occasions or sunny days. It is, with very few minor exceptions, in exactly the same condition as it was the day it was delivered to the owner on April 1, 1983.

Because the car has had such limited use for so long, we developed and had performed, a list of service and maintenance items which will insure the effects that few miles and little use that can occur, will not be an issue for the next owner.

Those items included:
– New timing belt
– New balance shaft belt
– Brake fluid flush
– Coolant fluid flush
– New tires of the proper size and rating
– Oil change
– New air, fuel and oil filters
– New fuel pump and relay
– Rebuilding all brake calipers
– New hood support struts”
Remember what Magnus Walker said, he’s looking towards 944s and 928s.  Not that I need his opinion.  Don’t get me wrong I like his work but I had a 1986 944 twenty years ago and currently own a first year 928 (’78) and 944 Turbo (’86).  The market has been missing these cars for years.  Not sure I’m on board with $20K for a mint one yet, the market needs to catch up.  Plus I’m a glutton for train wreck cars that want a 2nd chance.  What?  Seriously, these cars find me.  They do.

Side note: Did you see the reverse tach on these and 924s?  I could get into seeing that spin.     

On European Locators for $23,000 or near offer.

  1. Mark

    I see these as the Ferrari 308 (at best) of Porsche collectibles. They may hold their value; maybe even appreciate a little each year (for really nice ones), but they’ll never be blue chip cars. There were just too many of them made.

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