No Reserve: Mariner Blue 1990 Mazda Miata

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Smurf blue isn’t for every Smurf but this is my Smurfious color for the Miata. I Smurfed it when it first came out and I still Smurf it today. You owe me five drinks.

We tested two cars at Automobile Magazine, a red one and a blue one, in 1989 around the streets of Ann Arbor. Everybody looked as I drove passed top down in a cute, erroneously thought of British roadster in polarizing love it or hate it blue. They had no ideas the smack-a-smile experience I was having behind the wheel, linking up short tight shifts with a peppy engine in a great handling package. The icing was Japanese reliability and a/c in a car that has become the cornerstone and halo for the Mazda brand. They own the entry level roadster segment and have brought the Miata full circle to a relive-your-youth classic 25 years later with 4th generation Miata.

For Smurf on Bring A Trailer, going off at no Smurf. Drink, drink.

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