Edd China on leaving Wheeler Dealers

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Edd will be dearly missed. Wheeler Dealers was the show that defined my direction in car resurrection as I’m sure they did for hundreds of others. They took cars and will subtle changes and improvements saved a classic that might otherwise slide further down the parts counter. The show was always fresh, and unlike many other car shows, the detailed fixes that Edd did in the work shop could actually be used as reference guides. I’ve often found myself playing some of the Porsche episodes over and over to get new tips. I have always liked Mike as well and will certainly give the new pairing a thorough watch but loved what Edd and Mike brought to the big screen. 13 years is a hell-of-a-good run, congrats!

Good luck Edd, all the best!


  1. Rémy Seillier

    Hello edd je suis en possession d une Cadillac Seville à rénover tt est d origine je voulais savoir si ça vous intéresserait merci de me répondre même si la réponse est négative

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