Barn Redemption, I Already Knew Where to Find It

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This 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 was tucked away by me for four years in my friend’s building. I dug it out yesterday. While it’s a straight car, I have not had the time or inclination to fix it after an initial go-through in my garage. If it were all original I would be more motivated. But somewhere along the line, the 2.0 liter motor was swapped with a 1.8. That setup may have run with the 2.0 Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection system still on the car. A 1.8 liter motor was fed the Bosch L Jetronic setup which if you follow my blog, I spent many a months sorting and saving a 1.8 in Restoration Wednesday (episodes click here).

I really don’t know if the car ran with the D-Jet setup or not. I bought the car out of Ohio from a now friend who saved it from years sitting in a field. It smelled violently of mouse pee despite spraying and soaking areas of the car with vinegar and cleaning products. So what’s the goal now? I took it to our shop in Jackson, Michigan to be put in the queue. Tons of rust underneath and the rockers are toast but surprisingly enough, the front pan tow hook held and it doesn’t look bad on the outside. But you know what they say, a little rust goes a long way. Do they really say that? I feel I just made it up. But you know what they say, a little adlib keeps your noggin’ rockin’. Man. I know they don’t say that.


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  1. Michael

    Buddy I feel your pain. Bought a 1976 914 this was about 20 years ago, restored it to perfect which cost back then about 3 Grand plus the two grand I spend on the car. Long story short the car got stolen, didn’t have full coverage insurance, car got recovered in Reno Nevada, minus the wheels the gauges and the top. Car was gorgeous prior to that had it painted in 19 85 Z28 charcoal metallic with gold stripes and gold empi wheels, fix it up again blew the engine on a hot summer day when the aluminum plug they put in the lower casing blew out after parking it and then firing it up again. When the car ran it ran great I am dead serious took it over Angeles Crest Highway twice and went around corner so fast that I actually killed three birds with my windshield they could not get out of my way before I came around the corner! But other than that it was a real Heartbreaker, I ended up selling it to my nephew for his first car when he was 18 I don’t know what happened to it after that. But as hard as they are to get parts for now if I was to give you any advice I would walk away from it. They are so great to drive when they run but I don’t know where you would find the proper parts for it now. If you do find the right 2.0 engine throw away the Bosch L jetronic and put twin Weber’s on both sides.

    • Groosh

      Your 914 sounds like a great restoration but talk about feeling the pain, darn, those birds took a beating! Kidding. Everything you went sounds like it has made the thought of another 914 hard to picture. I get it. Thanks for writing and best with your cars.

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