73 MG Midget convertible, complete car – $1000 (Hillman)

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I thought I’d be slightly creeped out by the face Photoshopped over the real deal. But in looking at the pictures closer, they look pretty good. Almost fun. If he only spent as much time taking new pictures of the car instead of using the ones when “taken out of storage.” I guess when you lose interest, you really lose interest.

For sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist.

“MG Midget project car complete

1275cc inline four cylinder

4 sp manual transmission

Good convertible top in working condition

Interior good condition, black, missing radio

Comes with 4 extra rims with tires in excellent condition

Comes with extra windshield complete with frame

exhaust in good condition

Car was not running when I got it, did tune-up, got it to fire, carbs were gummed up. Took carbs off and cleaned them and lost interest.

Bird deposits washed off, pics were coming out of storage”


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