71 & 73 Porsche 914’s – $4000 (Monroe)

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“I have 2 Porsche 914’s for sale they both go for 3200 together. The 73 is the red one and is a parts car just because there’s so much rust on it it would take to much to fix it. The white one is a 71 and had just a small amount of rust under the battery tray ad is repairable. This one was restored 20 years ago and then sat in a barn for 13 yrs. It has a pearl white ad blue paint job in great condition. No I will not part them out! Come take a look and make me an offer.”

I’m not seeing the rust on the red one he mentions but either way, looks like a nice deal.

UPDATE:  I talked to Luke who owns the cars.  The white is a 1.8 liter and the red 1.7.  The red has rusted out floor boards and the hell hole is shot.  I didn’t pursue any further…

On Craigslist Detroit.

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