2014 Porsche 550 – $30000 (Harrison Twp)

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The picture with the woman driving it in front of the 50’s ranch house makes it all seem period correct and true vintage. Do you think that was the intention?

The owner also categorizes it as a grocery getter in the Craigslist ad. With the Vic Skimants built drivetrain, I’d say more like canyon beer runner which is going to be a long run from the flat lands of Michigan.


“The 144th chassis made by Beck in 1988 (back when these famous replica’s were made is the USA). Vintage 550 Roadster.

This car is no slouch and was professionally built true to the original. Uses a Porsche 912 engine and trans built by Vic Skirmants of 356 Enterprises. RM Motorsports of Wixom did the assembly.

Grocery Getter, Completed in 2014 and only used a couple dozen times, never in rain, snow, sleet or hail.”

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