2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Martini Hemi Edition, 450HP

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“Starwood is proud to be exclusive builders of the most talked about Jeep Wrangler conversions available today, and with this one we have seriously outdone ourselves. This 450-hp ‘Martini HEMI Edition’ is by far the fastest and most extensive Starwood Custom conversion ever. If seeing is believing, then driving is total affirmation!

As always, this Starwood Custom includes our exclusive Full Kevlar finish, which boasts 4,700 PSI tensile strength — over 200% strength of other brands — and makes it virtually impervious to the elements. Added flair comes from the custom blue & red Martini Racing centerline graphic which extends the full length of the vehicle. If you think this amazing rig is grabbing your attention now, just wait until you have it doing its thing in public….. the Martini HEMI is the biggest gawk magnet on the road!

With 450-hp, the Martini HEMI Jeep is in a class of its own. Shock and awe await every square inch of air between you and your destination! And how does it stop, you ask? Well, if you dare to power up a Jeep like this, it’s only fitting to add giant 16-inch Brembo brakes. And between the hi-tech Rancho suspension and low-profile wheels & tires, it leaves little to desire in the handling” department as well.”

At $139,888, I’m not jumping to write a check but the Kevlar finish is pretty stout.  I love the seats even in blue.  The biggest let down is the choice of wheels.  The rims say “we had these left over from another project.”  Thin spoke dubs belong on an Escalade rolling through Detroit, not on this off-road rototiller. 

On eBay in Dallas.

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