2009 Nissan 370Z Limited

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I’m not sure at what point I stopped paying attention to the Z, but I just don’t find the new ones that appealing.  This interior looks pretty nice though except for the digital rectangle gauge on the left in the circle space.  That looks dumb.  

Maybe I should change my opinion because the car has great history starting with the 240Z,  of which I owned two, through the 300ZX Twin Turbo which was a 10 Best for many years.  I used to love driving the 1990 300ZX TT at my former magazine job around Ann Arbor.  And then there’s that good friend of mine that swears the I-75 south entrance from Square Lake Road is a great place to floor it and get into triple digit speeds.  Just don’t pass a cop when you do that… right Hank?    

On eBay in Portland, Oregon for $15,000 to start with no reserve but a rebuilt title.

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