2008 Audi R8

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I always wonder how you get to this place.  Not the actual accident because we’ve all been there before right?  The occasional fight over a quarter pounder with cheese that you have neatly tucked under your legs while driving down the road after hitting Micky Ds.  You’re saving it to eat when you get to your destination.  Yet, your passenger decides he wants the quarter pounder.

As he reaches over, you jerk the wheel left and put him back in his seat.  He persists.  You jerk the wheel a bit harder.  It becomes a game.  He reaches, you jerk.  Stay with me folks.  Reach jerk, reach jerk, the car loses traction and shoots left off the road into telephone poll anchor cables.  “Damn it Doyle, take the quarter pounder,” you relinquish.  But he’s over it at this point and the QP is your victory to behold.

Now had this guy been driving a 1976 Buick Skylark instead of a R8, the drive away factor with slight notch in the all steel bumper would be in play.  However, he was probably doing a smidge faster than 25mph while contending with more worthy adversaries than 25/75 cow/filler burger snatchers.
The part I don’t get is how he came to offer this car for sale.  It looks like a dealer ad on eBay  so maybe he bought it from an auction?  Or maybe it was a buy back from the insurance company?  How much profit is in this?   Will someone use the engine for a super car?  Does someone think this is actually fixable?  Just what I need to see, a beautiful Audi R8 super car going down the road sideways.   

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