2006 Shelby Daytona Coupe 1965

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From what I recall, Pete Brock pretty much designed the Daytona Coupe on a napkin with a pencil, so to speak.  The objective was to create something that wouldn’t fly off the roads at high speed sans wind tunnel testing that wasn’t an option at the time.  He basically nailed the aerodynamics just by looking at it.  There were only six original Daytona Coupes built and Phil Hill was among a big list of drivers of the first production one number CSX2287 The Prototype.  

I would certainly love to have one of these replicas in my garage.  I’d pick the more traditional powder blue with white over this color combination and put taller tires on smaller rims to give it a more old school finish.  But either way I’d be happy with the sweetness.

On eBay for a starting reserved bid of $55,000.

“2006 Shelby Daytona Coupe “Recreation” SPCN-SB-100 #2006214. The Shelby Daytona Coupe was based loosely on the AC Cobra roadster chassis and drive-train. These cars were originally built for the 1964-1965, 24 Hour of Le Mans racing season using 289 Shelby Cobra roadster chassis, they were America’s answer to Ferrari’s highly successful 250 GTO. Built for high-speed sprints, the cab became uncomfortably warm as the car engine heated up. “It wasn’t a street car; it was a race car”. This car is a very close reproduction to the look, feel and smell of one of the original 6 cars that were built for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. One would have to pay close to $10,000.000 for one of the original six, that is if they ever came up for sale, they are very hard to come by and definitely a very cherished and sought after commodity in the collector car market place.

This car comes equipped with a 351 c.i. Windsor race motor that has been bored, stroked and blueprinted to 419 c.i. Dual 4 barrel Custom Demon Carburetor, sitting on a Hi-Rise Edelbrock manifold, ARF Heads, Stroker crank shaft, custom Tulip shaped valves, producing 800hp on racing fuel.”

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