2006 Honda Big Ruckus PS250. As Pretty as the Little Ruckus?

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The Honda Ruckus is my favorite scooter. I love the proportions, the dual headlight, the ruggedness of it while still being an efficient utility vehicle. I owned one for a year or two. Didn’t drive it much. Actually only drove it around the block and then drained the gas and put it on display in my basement. It had like 600 miles and a year later I sold it for $400 more than I paid.

The one thing the drive taught me is that the 49cc Ruckus is slow. Sure you can hop them up but I’m old school and would probably not toy with it. So the natural progression is the Ruckus 250. I’ve been staring at this one for over a week. It’s for sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist for $3,700.

Yet as much as I look, I just don’t like. It’s bottom heavy reminding me of an electric scooter. The frame bar that goes up and over the headlights seems thick and out of place while putting the seat up makes it look downright frumpy. The twist style rims are the final design flaw that has me thinking, maybe a hopped up little Ruckus is in my future.


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