2003 Aston Martin DB7 GT

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The owner does a really good job reeling in perspective buyers with a lollipop of bait such as: production numbers, design details, performance figures, final drive ratios, original stereo included and last but not least mileage at only 20,855.  It is of course a manual.  But, then he lost me in the final paragraph.

“This car was purchased with only 2,600 miles on the odometer from Tom Papadopoulos at Autosport Designs, Inc. in Hunting Station, NY.  Current mileage is 20,855. In 2011 the engine was replaced with a fresh, factory rebuilt GT-specification motor from Aston Martin.  Less than 2,000 miles on the new engine (the original engine had to be replaced when an oil pan seal failed and caused lower engine damage that couldn’t be repaired).”

No mention of who did the work Did Aston warranty the old engineHow many miles were on the rebuilt motor?  What kind of rebuild was it, new pistons, ring job, valve job?  Is the new motor under warranty?  Why sell it now?  

I could probably be more lenient but then I wouldn’t get to call myself a stickler.  You stickler you.

On eBay in Winnetka, Illinois for Buy it Now of $63,500 with reserved bidding starting at $40,000. 

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