This 2001 Audi S8 spent its life until 2016 down south until a good friend of mine and car collector picked it up with 252,000 miles. Yes, this car has been enthusiast owned and driven with around 267,000 miles now. It comes with a documented rebuilt transmission at 231,637 miles and a healthy engine by way of a compression test. Plus timing belt, water pump, alternator, cam chains, tires, battery and suspension bits all new around 255,000 miles.

This car runs great. I have sorted it. It fires right up tracks straight down the road and is powerful and smooth at highway speeds and beyond. It brakes and shifts as it should. For the most part everything works and it needs nothing. It is very apparent that this S8 was well cared for its entire life and with all the major maintenance attended to, it should give someone years more of enjoyment.

• Purchased May 2018 from Ohio
• VIN WAUGU54D91N008581
• Southern car from Georgia. My friend bought it with 252,706 miles in 2017. It has 265,xxx now.
• Original paint, no door dings
• Original interior and stereo
• Window sticker
• Original owners manual, two sets of keys
• Clean title, mileage may go up as I still drive it

Work completed within last 10,000 miles:
• Timing belt and water pump
• Cam chains and tensioners
• Bosch alternator
• Reseal valve covers and camshaft plugs. Scoped with dye in oil to eliminate all major leaks
• A/C leak fixed, recharged, blows ice cold
• Brake flush
• NAPA Legend battery
• New spark plugs
• Four wheel alignment
• Three new controls arms all Lemforder
• Transmission fluid and filter changed at 257,786. Transmission rebuilt at 231,637 miles.
• Oil change
• OHTSU FP0612 tires 235/45 R18 – I know, nothing special but I had a cracked rim with worn tires and needed to replace them
• Newly refinished original Azus wheel
• Charcoal cabin filters replaced
• Polished out headlight lenses and put in new Philips Xenon bulbs
• Compression test performed Autocore Performance Group: Cyl 1-4: 122 127 127 126 Cyl 5-8: 128 123 125 125
Please call Stephen at Autocore to get additional perspective on these numbers. 

Minor hiccups:
• Driver side bolster is worn and torn
• Radio needs to be turned off when exiting the car otherwise it will stay on
• Sometimes the dash will show the trunk is open because the switch needs adjusting or just give it a good push down
• Sunroof switch works but is broken in its mount but works fine
• Bumps, scratches and bruises as you might expect with a car of this vintage
• Front air dam is cracked and has a taped up hole

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