1994 Dodge Viper Roadster, 18,000 miles – $31999 (Ann Arbor)

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Some of the photos in this listing were taken behind Whitney’s Collision center on Jackson road in A2. Three things come to mind when I saw this. First, I can’t believe I slammed the trailer into the back of our Acura MDX. If I hadn’t screwed up driving the 928 onto the trailer and watched the front shoot straight into the air because the tongue wasn’t locked on the ball, I wouldn’t know Whitney’s at all. Second, why did I back up off the trailer? Stop and move the Acura you dumb canoe then reverse the 928 off. Finally, did the Viper have body work or does someone from the shop own it? I still want a Viper, the Cobra of my youth. But it wouldn’t be a red one. Such a pretty engine.

Find it for sale on Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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