1991 Nissan Figaro

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“The Nissan Figaro was introduced at the 1989 Tokyo motor Show under the slogan “Back to the Future”. It was built by a Nissan special projects group called Pike Factor. The Figaro is equipped with leather seats, air conditioning, CD player & an open roof. It was designed by Shoji Takahashi, who won a design competition with the car.

Only 80 were originally available with an additional 12,000 added to production numbers to meet demand. 
Prospective purchasers had to enter a lottery to be able to buy one of these cars.
This car is a limited edition & is in exceptional condition. 

This car has been in storage for the past 5 years & has recently had a full service – details of which are available. Please note that the car has travelled 152000 km not miles. This is a unique car – there are VERY limited numbers of these left in the world. This car drives beautifully & is remarkably quick – our mechanic is happy to discuss the finer details of the vehicle with prospective buyers directly.

The asking price is without the FEFE number plate (can be negotiated to sell with the car in New Zealand)

The engine is a standard Nissan Micra so parts are accessible & reasonably priced. Genuine Nissan Figaro body parts / interior accessories can still be ordered from Nissan dealerships worldwide.
What we miss in this country because of our regulations.  Yet give it a couple years and this too can be brought to our illustrious shores under the 25+ rule.

I love the proportions despite it being a little frumpy The round tail lights, headlights, wheel design and everything else round or oval play nicely together with plenty of chrome to accent it all.  Well done.

On eBay in Auckland, North Island`, New Zealand for $20,000 or make offer.

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