1991 BMW 850i

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This car I overlook when thinking about family haulers that have a back seat.   Ferrari 308 GT4 or 400i, Lamborghini Espada, Jaguar XKE 2+2 and others I can’t think of this fine 60-degree morning which have my feet cold because I need socks, are on the list.   I’ve probably blocked V12 BMWs from my memory files because of the problems they’ve had.  Reputations are first, foremost and unforgiving, ain’t they?   Can you believe the fastest production car ever made was powered by one and now are worth $3-4 million?

This one is an automatic with only 90,548 miles but they can be found with sticks.  Lots of little extras on this one.  The wheels look pretty aggressive but I like them.  I also like how there is no B pillar to detract from open air motoring. 

eBay in Weatherford, Texas for $12,100.  

“Presenting a cared for, remarkable auto for sale. My wife’s E31 BMW 186 MPH supercar spent most all of it’s life weekend leisure driving in Japan. It was delivered to the port of Houston in 1991, bought by a Japanese executive and shipped on to Japan. I bought it about 6 years ago in LA from an import broker. This 850i has not been abused in 90,548 miles and stored all winters, even in Texas. Come to Texas, stay with us at our estate for a couple a days. Added are the Italian MK Motorsport staggered wheels, the AC Schnitzer rear deck wing, Dinan paired chips in the ECM, OME front airdam, new headliner installed and a new CD w/8 disc changer and 275/40/18 Goodyear F1 run flats at the rear, 245/35/18 Hankooks in front, full heavy duty car cover w/locking cable. No cracks in dash or leather seats. Power steering leak, back package tray faded, small crack rear windshield in corner. Light paint chips. For a 21 yr old car; runs, drives near new. People say: Well look at that. This thing is fun.”

  1. Medic327

    The BMW M70 and M73 V12 are very reliable units, there seems to be some undeserved reputation out there about reliability. My daily driver has the M73 V12 and its more engine than anyone really needs. You’re right about every car guy needing to experience V12 power at least once in their driving career. I think the rest of my BMW will disintegrate before the V12 engine ever misses a beat. If you want engine heartache ask any M60/M62 V8 owner about Vanos rattle or timing chain tensioner failure. Simply a non-issue on the V12.

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