1989 Land Rover 90 Station Wagon 2.5td Legal Import

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Overheard as the seller emailed the perspective buyer some pictures: “And here is a picture of the rig with snow on it. Oh oh and this one. This one I took when I drove by it parked along side another 90, also with snow on it. I really like the way I framed the shot with window surround and side view mirror. The van behind me wasn’t psyched that I slowed down to take the shot but he got over it.”

All photo jokes aside, it’s a pretty detailed right up from a knowledgeable owner. Hard to find one of these left hand drive where you could see for yourself if you are local to Cleveland, Ohio. Reserve met on eBay at $14,000. Diesel with manual is a future Top Five pick for me.

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  1. Paul

    Another great car that’s awful to drive, sorry but I owned one of these, an 88” 1977 petrol station wagon model which was the slowest thing I’d driven that was mechanically sound, you’d forgive it if it were only firing on half of the cylinders available! It ended up on my Grandmothers driveway and literally dug out to use once a year for the heavy snow period. The only time it got stuck was when the snow was as high as the roof at the rear but with a bit of effoet it drove out after a few minutes. The turbo diesel versions are supposed to be better and judging by the amount sold this must be true.

  2. Groosh

    The next time you want to leave one in a driveway, just let me know. I’ll pay for overseas shipping and you can park it here. : )

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