1989 BMW 325is Spec-e30 Street Legal Race Car

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“This car was completely rebuilt from front to rear everything included. Complete engine rebuild with all new hoses, water pump, timing belt, all new tune components,
Every part on the suspension front and rear with upgrades for racing. Custom exhaust, new clutch, rebuilt transmission, all new brakes. All built as to spec e-30 requirements
and including a passengers seat. Sunroof was removed. It has a Full weld in Roll cage that is legal Scca, Bmw Club and Nasa. All the safety equipment like the Seats,
 Window nets and Seat belts all current for a race car. It also has a fire suppression system built in.This particular car was very competitive in the Spec-e30 races with 2 wins, 2 2nds and a 3rd place. The car weights perfect for its class at a 1/4 tank of gas. Has only had 6 race events since completely refurbished. It has never been in any major accidents and most paint is original.
I installed a Cat converter and now is street legal and a blast to drive. This car was originally built at a cost over 45,000. My Reserve Price is a fantastic deal for anyone that wants a really cool street car or wants to put it back on the race track. Comes with spare set of wheels and tires, spare transmission,
alternator, starter, fuel pump and a variety of other parts . Has custom brake ducts for front brakes see pictures where the fog lamps go. It has power windows, door locks and mirrors, the on board computer still works.”

Putting color on an engine is such an emotional decision.  You really don’t want to turn back or seldom can after the engine is torn down.  But then again there is certainly no better time.  But what color.  If the factory had chosen this option what would they use?  Should I stay true to the original feel or add a pop of eye candy since it’s a custom build?  Lots of guys go red.  I went grey on my 911T valve covers.  This owner went blue.  Bright blue.  Uh. Ok, I guess.

On eBay for $12,000 reserved to start in Atlanta. 

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