1988 Opel Ascona C20XE GSI

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Not sure why this guy is advertising “worldwide” with shipping from Romania.  You’ll need to wait one more year before being able to import this into the US under the 25 year exemptions.  Either way, I thought it was good looking and has my favorite period wheels, BBS.  It also has Connolly heated Recaros which I wouldn’t kick outta bed but I’d probably turn them into one on a long trip.  
He only has four pictures on eBay and none of them are of the interior.  Asking $8,000 for the car.  The writeup reads like a tuner’s rap sheet which always has me give pause since I never want an abused project.

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  1. Anonymous

    this car and abused … don’t go together 🙂 It was a long term project that sadly needs to be sold …

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