1987 Yugo GV with Thundercat 900 snowmobile engine!

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You know, they say it takes all kinds. Is that what they say? Yes. It takes all kinds.

On eBay with no reserve in Fremont, Ohio.

“Up for auction is my 1987 Yugo Gv. Its a pretty clean little Hot Rod with some rust but still very solid. Its now rear wheel drive and has nothing in the front under the hood except for the radiator and fan.

  Its got a 1995 Arctic Cat Thundercat 900cc snowmobile engine (180 horsepower) mated to a Franklin Quick Change rear end with a reverse rotation 4:56 ring and pinion and final driven at 8:50 gear. Power is transmitted thru a CVT Comet drive with a comet pro4 primary clutch and puck style secondary. This car does not have reverse…it pushed very easy.  Both the engine and rearend are rebuilt with all new parts. It does run and drive but still needs a few things to finish it up like a permanent fuel cell and lights/turn signals wired. This car is crazy fast and I would bet it would do mid to high 11’s with no problem. Im moving and cant afford to ship my YUGO across the country!”

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