1987 Land Rover Defender 90

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“1987 Land Rover Defender 90. 2.5 TDI diesel, only 102k original miles.
This is a very rare vehicle in great condition. 

Little to no rust, less than typical wear for a 1987, 101k mi. defender. 
Two inch lift, safari snorkel, winch bumper. 
New rear side benches, new cubby box, new land rover floor mats
Newly tinted glass
Hard top & soft top are included in this sale.  

TDI diesel power with 26 mpg

Imported from Spain, clear titled in AZ
This vehicle was not intended for USA import”

On eBay in Phoenix, Arizona for $19,500 Buy it Now.  Oh crap, I thought that said $15,500 when I was taking a peruse through the Land Rovers, sorted by oldest year first so I could find the cheap ones. 

That negates the deal I thought I was getting, although under $20K for a Defender 90 still seems quite reasonable.  I like the idea of a diesel motor for long term durability plus getting 26 mpg.  Maybe one day I’ll take my skirt off and actually use the snorkel.   

There is this other one for $14.5K in Atlanta, a 1980 with a 300 TDi with about the same mileage.  But it’s right hand drive and has a soft top.  Plus it’s eewww red, has after market rims that should be on a Chevy and a diamond plate interior.  It’s like driving inside a pop can.  Help, I’m in a pop can.  How did I get into this pop can Look at the size of this bloody great big pop can.  What sort of can has a pop like this, this is crazy.


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