1987 Airstream 345 Motor Home

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Since it was from the 80’s, I didn’t expect much from the interior.  But wait, what’s this?  An almost boat like cabin with brass lamp, wrap around windows and curtains that appear heavy enough to block trucker lights as they breeze past you hoping for a glimpse, of what I don’t care, I’m not here to judge.  I’d probably keep the comforter which looks so soft, cool and crisp yet warm once snuggled inside.  It’s inviting me to slumber as is the potential hum of the tires on pavement… thud… thud… thud over expansion joints as I cruise control into the distant future, drifting to sleep while whispers abound in my dream state… Grooooosh… Groooooosh… you made a wise investment with your dollars.  Aluminum pound for pound is now worth more than gold and you have done well to keep yours so shiny with low miles of only 82,000.  But life Grooooooosh doesn’t hand you one so easily, unless you are a Powerball sucker, so you best be getting off the road with this Mad Max beacon that screams blow out my tires and jack me louder than the tanker truck.  Grooooooosh did you think you were the decoy bus?  Grooo….   I’m sorry?!  What?!  I’m going to bed.       
On Hemmings in Orange Village, Ohio for $25,900 or best.  Good write up, lots of photos.

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