1984 Ferrari 400i

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It should come as no surprise that I’ve posted another 400i, yes it’s an automatic but…  but this time, I’m less excited by the prancing horse, despite V-12 goodness wrapped in Pinifarina executive 4-seater coach work.  Why?  Because I met the guy who bought this 400i on Bring a Trailer and three months later already sold it.

Turns out, go figure, that Ferraris are really expensive.  Tires?  Make sure you don’t have metric wheels that require special rubber that hardly anyone offers anymore, $200-300 per tire or more.  Need a front turn signal?  New old stock will run you about $1000.  How about finding an expert to work on it that charges “reasonable rates”?  Good luck.

My friend bought the car, lived the dream, found used rims that would fit standard tires, did homework and some tuning, then flipped the car when the title showed up in the mail.  He is finding potential solace in an older, wiser car where parts are plenty, tires are cheap and quality mechanics are easier to find.  A Porsche 928.

Eh, but I sill want a 400 manual and this color combo would be alright.

On eBay in Pittsburgh, California.

“1984 Ferrari 400i, made in Italy, Vin# ZFFEB06B000047365 only 11,200 original miles. Own a piece of Enzo’s Heritage, I painted the car six years ago in 9700 black, the car was completely dismantled, primed and block sanded,I used Glasuirt Base Coat Clear Coat, the windshield was removed and replaced at the cost of $2400.00, front emblem and  turn signal lenses are new as well, replaced vacuum lines and water hoses. just installed new catalytic converters car passes California smog. Car is priced to sell I’ve enjoyed this car for the last ten years, Two new project cars has forced me to sell, Happy Bidding”

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