1981 VW Rabbit Pickup 1.6L Diesel 5SPD Manual, Reliable! 45-50 MPG!

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When my dad and I searched for my first car back in the 80’s, my dad was hot on a Rabbit.  I came to like them but never found one that spoke to me.  Unlike the 1974 BMW 2002 that we ended up buying.  What 16 year old kid is going to pick a Rabbit over a BMW?  Fast forward 25 years and I like the idea of a Rabbit more than ever, especially a diesel pickup to haul around parts.  This one looks to be a good one.

On eBay in Alabama with reserved bidding at $200.

“I came from Europe and we always had diesels,because the reliability and the fuel economy. /the fuel is very expensive in over seas!/  Unfortunately it is very hard to find small diesel pick up trucks in the USA.  
Well here is one for sale! The truck served me well but i bought a tdi station wagon jetta,so this one needs to find a new home.
About the car;- I purchased the truck from a 75 years old gentleman. He owned the truck for 20 years!
It runs and drives great but if you looking for a race horse this is not for you!
The engine cranks up easy. The glow plugs works fine.No smoke,No strange noises.  The fuel injection pump has been rebuilt  at 165 K miles!
The past 10 years the following works has been done to the truck; -Timing belt and belt tension pully  125 K

 – Right side engine mount
 – Camsaft oil seal
 – Crankshaft oil seal
 -Valve cover gasket kit
 – Intermediate shaft oil seal with o-ring
 – driver side inner cv boot
 – clutch redone
 – Rear brake shoes and wheel cylinder
 – Front rotors and brake pads
 – R & R parking brake cables
 – fuel filter
 – oil + oil filter  5W40 Rotella syntehetic

 – set of tires
 – wipers
 – Exhaust
The 5 spd transmission shifts out fine. Clutch feels good. The tires are almost new, about 85 % remaining life left.The heater works fine. No AC.
The body is solid. Small rust spot behind the seat.
Drives straight. Brakes feels good. The lights,wipers works great.
The interior is clean but the seats are needs seat covers.No radio.
Every day driver, gets around 45-50MPG!”

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