1980 Porsche 928 5 Speed, Completely Restored Show Room Condition

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“This car has been completely restored.  New paint, new interior including seats, new inspection, new tires, new exhaust, new chromed wheels, mostley rebuilt engine.  I have owned it for 12 years and have won top awards at Porsche Show in Pittsburgh.” 

For only $7,500 on eBay it makes me wonder why I’m doing what I’m doing.  Oh right.  I have a dream.  A vision.  A misguided passion from anything non-profitable when it comes to a Porsche 928.  Have you seen the interior of my 928 right now?  It’s on Facebook in the right hand column of this page.  

Thanks to reader Dave for this submission.  We had some debate about the spoiler and wheels.  Turns out they were an optional Competition Package in 1981 along with sport seats for $1100.  So on this car we deem them not product correct.  Still, what a great car. 

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