1980 Porsche 911 SC targa – $7500 (Southfield, MI)

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It seems that all my Porsche friends, all two of them, know this car is for sale. You could hear us in unison puffing “meh” to the internet as we critiqued the Detroit Craigslist post. Strike one, targa. Strike two, not a coupe. Strike three, you can’t make it a coupe easily or cheaply. You would also need to find an interior, dash, gauges, bumpers that are not fiberglass, lights, deck lid grille, targa top, engine, transmission, door handles, mirrors, carpet, back seats, windshield, better wheels unless you like cookie cutters and unwind an alarm system. Thought you’d get through this post without me saying it? Then you’d still have a red car. Meh.

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