1980 M151 A2 MUTT FAV Fast Attack Vehicle Military Jeep

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“Real uncut 1980 M151 A2 Barstow MUTT FAV. 2,000 original miles, runs, stops, steers like brand new. Original miles verified by pulling drums, checking valve rockers and luminaries. All appear shinny new inside. Steering has 0 play, all suspension is as new and very tight. Everything works perfect, passenger floor board, battery tray and part of tool tray replaced. Other than that all original, just like it was prepared for battle. Originally undercoated so there is no rust through. Barstow origin has been verified- USMC # 519864, Vin is C15124159. Has bonded Texas Title. Believed to be used in Kosovo, had original woodland camo pattern (retraced). Has M60 mount on pedistol and smaller arms mount on dash. Has stenciled USMC number on dash behind mount. Original tires have some weather cracks but work perfectly  and keep it original. Has waxpencil USMC number on cowl and “Danny” on hood. Hope Danny is still with us. No leaks drips or ANY problems. Sheetmetal “Prop” guns go with sale, no operational or real parts used in construction. M16 and Shotgun are for display only and do not go with this sale.These Killer Jeeps were constructed in the field with the intent that they probably would not come back- this is one of the few that did. It is very rare and probably cannot ever be replaced.”

Over Christmas I had the pleasure to tour of a friend’s garage that housed a WWII Jeep.  From the gun glove box to the huge hooks on the bumpers that held the parachute when you drop it from a plane, it was cool.  The tires are not unidirectional.  You can’t tell if the car is coming or going.  It’s got a lot of cool details that you don’t appreciate until you’re up in it.  This vehicle on eBay in Houston, TX reminded me of it.  We really do build some kick ass military vehicles.  USA, USA, USA.

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