1979 Porsche 928 LS1 and Another Thing

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Ok, the black LS1 conversion I get.  After all, I own a 914 Renegade.  People threw Chevy V8s in just about everything including Ferraris when the V12 broke and repairs were beyond the cost of the car, so in goes American muscle.  The LS1 is probably pretty sweet but you know what?  So is the Porsche V8. 
But the yellow one confuses me.  Who is the Porsche fanatic out there that decides this would be cool?  The person who buys this is probably more into the blower than the car and when it comes time to fix the car, they’ll get real dose of Porsche prices.  Fixes will slide and this thing will soon be an engine on a rolling chassis of broken dreams. 
On eBay for $12,000 Buy it Now.  The yellow is up for $8,000 to start on eBay.

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  1. Ddishm8

    I am now the owner of the black 1979 928 with the LS1 I picked it up back in June for $8500 and is my daily driver, she runs and handles great! I had been looking at getting a Porsche for a while and had looked at a lot of 911’s and a few other 928’s but when I found this one it with the LS1 in it to me it made since because being able to do any engine repairs myself was important and finding parts for the LS1 is if needed going to be much more easy then say getting parts for the original motor not to mention a lot cheaper! As for that yellow thing man thats just wrong!

  2. Groosh

    Congrats. I bet that thing is a scream and with easy parts and upgrades, you’ll have fun for years to come. Well done.

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