1979 Honda Civic Racecar

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“Ex Racecar built when new converted into more of a street car 20 years ago, has not raced for more than 25 years, full welded in complete roll cage that goes all the way to the front and all the way to the back, very strong roll cage with shock tower reinforcement front and back, big sway bar, full coil over suspension, adjustable aluminum camber plates on top of 4 shocks front and back, stock brake system all around except for the twin tilton master cylinder, removal of the brake booster and addition of the adjustable proportioning valve for brake front to back inside the cockpit, 1’’ aluminum wheel spacers permanently mounted all around on big and long wheel studs, ventilated back plates for rear brake, solid bushings all around, wide fenders front and back for wide racing slicks, Zeus fasteners on front and back very light fiber glass bumpers, on front fenders and front wiper motor steel cover, all that is removed in no time in case needed (Racecar features). I have owned this car for 20 years now and always kept it in the garage rain or shine, it is now powered by a stock 1989 Acura Integra 1.6L 16V twin cam engine and 5 speed transmission fed by twin Weber carburetor exhausted by a real MUGEN header (still like new) very strongly custom mounted into the engine bay, custom exhaust system with a street Dynomax muffler an twin Dynomax  small oval stainless steel brushed oval tail pipe. There is still the tunnel made into the driver side floor pan for side exhaust but not in use now. The exhaust system on the car now is quiet and street friendly. I put on the last brand new original Honda OEM gas tank on the planet a few years ago. Completed what was mandatory for street driving: lights, flashers turn signals, horn, cig lighter or power point for cell phones, interior lighting, door and gas door locks, wiper, trim, moldings etc. No radio for now comes, with 4 sets of mag wheels : 3 for racing mounted on racing slicks dry and wet (old) and 1 for street mounted on continental super contact street tires 175 70R13 like new.

Possibility of race tires that I never tried but still good ones, not full racing slicks but very good BF Goodrich COMP TA R1 competition tires not for highway use, comes with an extra complete dash board if needed to complete interior or not.

Very fun car to drive on the street or on the highway runs very good, fast enough 125-130 HP of twin cam 16V carbureted power, starts anytime cold or hot (manual choke) completely stock engine except carb so very reliable and efficient and up to today’s standard, very torquey.

Should you have any questions don`t hesitate to ask.

Much was invested in building this car, very good quality racecar (vintage), good to teach the old domestics a lesson in handling thank you. No offense.

It is a piece of Honda racing history very well kept (Priceless)”
He doesn’t talk about the actual race history which would be nice to know.  Also, what happened to the original engine?  I like the Weber carburetor Acura power plant but a “piece of Honda racing history very well kept” should have the stock motor with it.  
 On eBay in Les Cèdres, QC, Canada for a starting bid of $10,000 no reserve or Buy it Now $12,000.

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