1979 Ferrari 308 GTS – $65000 (Romeo)

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Ferraris are amazing for everything they do and represent. That’s probably why I’ll own one again but won’t care if I don’t. They symbolize a pinnacle in performance, style, image and prestige. They were penned by some of the best designers who every lived and engineered by those equally as talented. They are also misunderstood by people who would never buy them and envied by some who shouldn’t care.

Thanks to reader Keith for the forward.

Find the three week old posting for sale on Detroit Craigslist.

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  1. Fred Cousins

    Major service? now? The new purchaser better get info on when the past services were performed, especially if there was only two past owners.
    While the 308’s were the most plentiful of the Ferraris, and they are some of the best mannered daily drivers. It doesn’t get them a pass on being a hole in the wallet to a current owner, for a previous owners mis deeds.

    • Groosh

      Yes. Let’s hope the reference to service is doing the right thing before you sell and there is good history.

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