1978 VW Rabbit 2Dr Diesel 4 spd – $1150 (Chelsea)

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The definition of A to B when you could be sporting a toupee and mustache while ripping it in a Trans Am. But you know what? I like it. It’s the same body as the Mk I GTI which gives it some street cred. Being from California with a/c and only 80K miles gives it potential.

Find it for sale on Ann Arbor’s Craigslist.

“I am selling my project car because of time restraints, it deserves more attention than what I can give it right now. It has a 99% rust free body from California, never been in a michigan winter (two small rust-through spots in the front wheel-well floor pan and one rust-through spot on the lower passenger fender behind the wheel). The rabbit is not running right now but it did a month(ish) ago, I’ve driven it around the block a few times. It was rescued from a barn where it had been sitting for a decade, so it needs a full fluid clean-out. The wiring is also corroded at the fuse panel (which I believe is the cause of the current no-start). Someone also broke out the pass door window unfortunately. The car is a beautiful and unique piece, it has dealer installed AC and cruise control, as-well as a factory sunroof. This would be an amazing ride restored! Advertised 55mpg! Naturally aspirated (non-turbo) Diesel with 4 speed. I paid 1200.00 for it, and had to pay another 500.00 to have it shipped…Clean MI title, clean black interior, silver painted exterior, 80K ORIGINAL MILES.”

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