1978 Porsche 911SC Coupe – $12500 (Near Bowling Green)

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200K on the Colorado chassis, the interior needs some work and it has a repaint.  The wing would shame small planes.  Nicely done engine rebuild with a crank that was still standard spec, which says something at that mileage.  And for $12,500 (or less) it could be a power sled easily brought back to a factory look with Fuch wheels and a deck lid.  
But oh my god, that wing. 
– Bath small children in it while washing your car.
– Use it as the spatula during the next pig roast.  
– Ring, ring, rice burners calling.  They said quit posing!  
“Engine/Trans: The engine was completely rebuilt about 2000 miles ago with new bearings, gaskets/seals, Raceware rod bolts, wrist pin bushings, Euro pistons/cyls, valve guides, timing chains and ramps. The valves were ground, rods rebuilt and the STD/STD crank polished. The cams were upgraded to the ‘964’ grind, 930 lower valve covers installed and the clutch replaced. The original Bosch CIS fuel injection was retained. There are zero miles on the valve adjustment, oil/filter and spark plugs. The transmission synchro rings were replaced as well as any worn dogs and sliders. Swepco gear oil was used.” 
On Craigslist Toledo, Ohio.

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