1977 MGB CUSTOM – $10500 (TOLEDO, OHIO)

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Custom coachwork cars were everywhere back in the day. But how many builds does it take to earn a reputation? To add value? This one is unique and I love the throwback design that looks like a 50’s Ferrari or Jaguar D-Type. But my problem in owning it, kinda like my green beast V8 914, is I didn’t build it. It might be fun to own, drive and look at but when it comes times to answer questions in the parking lot, I’d be all like… no I didn’t do the work. And that’s where the fun subsides for me.

For sale on Toledo’s Craigslist.


“NEVER SEE YURSELF CONING DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN! Custom 1977 MGB, designed to resemble a european sports car from the ’50’s. This has a stock drivetrain that runs very strong, with a 4 speed transmission. The front end was recently totally rebuilt using all new parts (shocks, king pins, etc). The ride has been brought to pre 74 (before the ugly rubber bumper models) ride height. the rear end has been lowered with lowering blocks, giving the car a very good ride height. The interior consists of custom made aluminum bomber seats, recently recovered, with brand new 3″ lap belts & 2” sholder belts with a racing style quuick release. Engine turned aluminum dash & console.
Brooklands style wind screens. Paint is good driver quality, all body work done in metal.”

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