1974 Toyota Corolla TE 27 Mango

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“Excellent Condition, minimal rust, lots of extra parts, including chrome valve cover and 5 speed conversion with T-30 Transmissions…. Purchased the Corolla as a project but moving out of California.  Mostly original with stock motor.”

I got pretty excited with the “mini light” wheels and chrome rear view mirror.  Plus a Buy it Now of $4,500 in Daville, California, not that $4,500 is the right price but at least there was an immediate option for purchase.  Then things turned.  I looked inside to see the automatic but had to recall my fading memory from three seconds ago, there is a 5 speed conversion included.  Rice burner exhaust with bass mouth opening first thing to go. Now I know why tigers eat their young.

Bidding starts at a reserved $2,500.  

  1. Imran ul Haque

    I need Body Parts of Car Toyota Corolla 1974 (Hi-Deluxe), if you have parts please let me know, otherwise help me out to get the same as this is my father’s last memento and that’s my life.

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