1974 Custom Beck 550 Spyder with Aluminum Interior

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It should come as no surprise that I spend most of my free time thinking about cars. On our way to dinner last night, an hour drive to Birmingham for a family affair, I took every opportunity to talk car-shop-fantasies when there was a lull in the conversation and even when there wasn’t.

“So I’m thinking about what to do with my flat six motor. I’ll like to rebuild it and then put it in something. I’d buy a –”

“Are you f–cking kidding me?”

The kids were in the back seat in their own world but her words cut through my muddied mind. Clearly. I had just spent the week prior trying to talk myself into and then out of another 928. Within hours of finally putting that purchase to bed, I didn’t buy it, I was right behind the shopping cart wondering what goodies I could pull of the shelves.

Dropping a six into a VW bus, beetle or better has been played before. Putting it into a Beck Spyder or 904 would break the budget. Although I did find this sweat one on eBay in Huntington Beach, California with a reserve. Are you kidding me with that guy’s garage? The updates to the car are well, well done.

Yes, of course there is the obvious 914-6 conversion of which I have the 914. But that again has been done. I’m sure the right car will present itself. Meanwhile, there is the small task of rebuilding the six and the money that will take before having anything left over for a fantasy chassis.

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