1974 COE Truck – Reo Diamond T

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“Former refuse truck, the body was damaged when it hit a bridge so this truck has been off the road since 1978. It has approximately 40,000 miles on it, speedometer was disconnected for a year so true mileage is unknown. Engine is a Reo Gold Comet 6-200 200 HP gas, with 5 speed Allison auto trans. Titled at 33,000 GVW. Air PTO. Good uncapped rear tires, 2 new fronts included but not mounted. Engine had a leaky head gasket(head bolts were loose) so I did a valve job and put new rings in while the head was off. Engine runs good, truck would be an easy restoration. It needs a little TLC to put back on the road, the water pump leaks, one rear brake chamber sticks, needs batteries, one windshield is cracked. CA dimension is 133”. Cabs on these are galvanized so there is no rust on the cab itself, there is a little on the steps and front bumper. I am the original owner, my company bought the truck in 1974. Some spare parts included, including a new carburetor, a clean used gas tank, extra wheels and tires.
Come and get it before it goes to China and comes back as cheap crap.”



$1,600 to start in Lancaster, PA.

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